[mythtv-users] signal strength for OTA digital tv

George Roberts gr at gr5.org
Sun Aug 27 11:10:16 UTC 2006

OTA=Over the Air

My ATI HDTV  Wonder works great but the only time I get signal 
strength information is if I "watch live tv" and keep hitting (F7 or 
F4 - I forget) and this actually seems to crash myth.  But that's not 
the point.  The point is I prefer to use a differnent computer to measure
signal strength (one closer to the attic where the antenna is) so I run 
azap which works great but it seems I must kill mythbackend first.

1) Is there another way to ask the back end what the signal strength 
    is of a station and get updates every second or two like azap?

2) Is it okay to use kill to stop the mythbackend or is there a better 
    way?  Later I do shutdown -r now to start it back up but what is 
    a simpler way?  

- George Roberts

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