[mythtv-users] Scheduled recording overrides program titles

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Fri Aug 25 21:44:25 UTC 2006

Robin Gilks wrote:
>> Robin Gilks wrote:
>>> This is on SVN r10847.
>> http://cvs.mythtv.org/trac/changeset/10757
>>> A show (lets call it DS9) is on at 7:30pm every Tuesday on channel 123
>>> so
>>> I set up a rule to record it at this time every week on this channel.
>>> The show comes to the end of season and another show (lets call it
>>> Atlantis) comes on in the same slot...
>> You've asked myth to record DS9 for you each Tuesday evening
>> on 123. This entry is telling you that it can no longer record
>> DS9 for you because it it no longer in the TV listings at that
>> time. You can look at the Upcoming Episodes list to see if DS9
>> is on at a new time but in any case, you probably want to change
>> this rule from 'record each week' to 'do not record'.
> So it is expected that irrespective of what the listings say, the guide
> shows what program *can't* be recorded. Somehow that does compute for
> me...

??? s/guide/schedule . These do not show in the EPG, proglist,
or such. Only in the reclist to let you know the status of this
rule and that it can't record what you were expecting.

One of the problems with the leading commercial DVRs is that
you can find a cool special and set it to single record. A couple
week later, you may think 'wasn't I supposed to get a show about...'
If the listings change, it won't tell you anything is wrong, it
just won't record the show you asked for.

MythTV has had this rsNotListed status for awhile now to let
you know that a Single rule can't record because the listings
changed so you can see if it is at another time or they changed
the title (or the channel info changed or it was just plain canceled). This is to give you the opportunity to fix the problem rather than
leaving you in the dark and missing a show you wanted to see.

This is not a problem for All or Find* rules because they would find
episodes on any channel at any time (though the title may have
changed but that's another story). However, this can be useful for
daily or weekly rules. For example...

For the past few years, USA Network has shown new episodes of "Monk"
on Friday at 10pm E/P. A weekly rule for this time slot would record
the first showing of each new episode. When the seasons ended, they
continued to show reruns in this time slot. Myth wouldn't record the
repeat episodes but that's okay; USA was still showing Monk at 10
on Friday. There hadn't been any new episodes for months until a few
weeks ago. However, they also started a new series "Psych" at 10pm
and moved Monk to 9.

With current SVN it would tell you that it can't record Monk at 10
because there aren't any showings of Monk on USA, Fri at 10. Looking
at the upcoming list would reveal the problem. Some people reading
this who are not using SVN may be discovering for the first time that
they already missed a handful of new Monk episodes.

> That being the case I guess I'll have to clean up my recording rule set.

Right. Having a lot of defunct rules doesn't do you any good. The
key here is to know that it is not going to record DS9 for you even
if it is on at another time.

Besides telling you that there is a problem with this rule, you can
use this entry to check the upcoming episodes to start investigating
and you can go straight to the options page to remove the rule without
having to look it up somewhere else.

--  bjm

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