[mythtv-users] Mac-mini (intel) frontends - opinions

emmanuel emansl at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 22:07:33 UTC 2006

> Any pointers as to how I should go about installig Linux on the
> mac-mini? (howtos or guides?) Does the controller work?
The  recently shipped minis may already have the newer firmware that
comes with bootcamp. If not, download and install bootcamp+firmware
upgrade. Bootcamp also provides a disk resize utility. Ther'es no need
to bother creating the driver CD as it's for windows.

I recommend the BIOS method vs the EFI method because X drivers
currently expect a BIOS. You can use the framebuffer driver with EFI
but you'll lose most of the hardware acceleration.

See here:
and here:

Also check out http://refit.sourceforge.net/

I found Gentoo to be the easiest distribution to get everything
customized the way I wanted.

> As for everyone else, any word on the 5-button remote control mythtv
> experience? Doable?

The mactel-linux.org mailing list (and kernel patches) suggest that
the included remote is functional under linux. I've patched my kernel
and the remote appears to be recognized but I haven't tried using it

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