[mythtv-users] Mac-mini (intel) frontends - opinions

Justin Kim justinlkim at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 17:56:44 UTC 2006

I'm using a Duo 1.66GHz mini connected to a 1080i CRT TV via a 
DVI->HDMI adaptor.

SD runs well.  HD is jerky unless I turn off "scale video as 
necessary" in the TV playback preferences.  If that preference is 
unset (and nothing else is running on the machine), HD plays back 
fine.  Unsetting that pref makes SD video very, very small on my 
monitor, so the settings have to be twiddled when  moving from 
viewing HD to SD and vice versa.

I'm hoping that there's some room for optimizing CPU load on the 
mini.  If not, I'll probably end up dropping in a faster processor at 
some point.

I'm using a Gyration wireless mouse and keyboard to control the mini. 
No complaints on that front.


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