[mythtv-users] Graphics card recomendation

Dylan Semler dylan.semler at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 16:11:15 UTC 2006


As of right now, my system seems to be too slow to handle HD.  When running
myth with XvMC, I get about 5 quick prebuffering pauses per second on an HD
channel.  Without XvMC I get much longer pauses at a bit longer of an
interval (one per second or so).  I'm hoping that I can just upgrade my
graphics card, but I'd like to see what the list thinks first.  Currently, I

P4 2.23 GHz
512 MB RDRAM  <-- ugh!
64 MB NVidia GeForce 4200

According to the Nvidia driver's readme, the GeForce4 Ti models' XvMC don't
support "IDCT," only "motion-compensation."  While I'm not sure what either
of those terms mean, I believe that mine is a Ti model and am hoping that
IDCT is an integral part of processing HD streams.  So I'm eyeing a 256MB
5200 for under $50.

I have been able to tune to a channel using the dvb-apps and cat a stream
into a file and play it perfectly with mplayer.  It seems that myth adds
some overhead/optimizations that just push my PC beyond the limit.

I have also been considering purchasing dual flat panels at 1600x1200
resolution each.  Should I have any concern that a 5200 would not be able to
drive such a high resolution on two screens?

What do you guys think?

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