[mythtv-users] Mac-mini (intel) frontends - opinions

emmanuel emansl at gmail.com
Thu Aug 24 15:49:54 UTC 2006

> I am hoping to buy a new Intel Mac-mini (with remote) that will run
> the TV full time and hook up to a new LCD monitor.
> How are your mac-mini frontends?
IMHO, the intel mac mini is the perfect front end. I'd recommend using
bootcamp and installing Linux over OS X. I have my mini setup to dual
boot between Linux and OS X using refit. I've found the performance of
MythTV on OS X lacking. Myth/Linux can easily handle 1080i when using
a core duo.

> How does the remote work?
I haven't really bothered with the apple remote because it has so few
buttons. Instead, I've using the MS media center remote (usb).

> Any problems that I should know before I jump in?
Installing Linux on the mini is a little bit of a challenge but
certainly doable and worth the effort.

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