[mythtv-users] MythstreamTV (and mythweb) question

Drew Bernat abernat at zathras.net
Wed Aug 23 17:50:15 UTC 2006

I've set up a MythTV dedicated backend (0.19) running mythbackend,  
mythweb, and mythstreamtv (freshly downloaded). Almost everything  
works fine, with one perplexing problem.

When I access mythstreamtv and select a show, the file name handed to  
VLC is a "myth://" protocol URL, not a local file. VLC, then,  
complains that it doesn't know how to handle the myth:// protocol.

I've looked through the mythweb code, and it appears that the myth://  
file name is getting handed to mythweb/mythstreamtv from the backend.  
Is there any way to modify how that gets passed through?

Raw data that may be useful:

Machine name is isn.zathras.net
Mythweb db_server is set to "localhost"
The myth:// URLs look like myth://<port> ; is  
the correct IP address


Drew Bernat
abernat at zathras.net
"Gentlemen, the stegosaur. Discuss" -- Axe Koala, 8-bit Theater

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