[mythtv-users] Clean Shutdown from Frontend??

Dave Ansell dave at theansells.com
Wed Aug 23 09:13:39 UTC 2006

     Yes I am using Mythtv as the user and it is not currently allowed to 
execute shutdown from the command line, however the system still shuts down, 
it just doesnt power off.     Funnily enough I have noticed since posting 
that the mythtv user on my system (FC5) can execute "poweroff" and that 
works nicely from the command line, but it doesnt correspond to the "exit 
and shutdown" from Myth.

    The remote is a special one that came with a settop box I use for my 
front end - Stino sbox 7500.    Not sure if you can get them elsewhere but 
they certainly save any messing about with lirc.  (however you have less 
control over behaviour as a result)


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Dave Ansell wrote:

>      I am trying to fix a minor annoyance:
>    When I exit the Mythfrontend with "Exit and Shutdown" the system
>shutsdown but fails to finally switch off power.   However if I log in
>remotely and execute "shutdown -h now" it switches off completely.
>    Is there any way to improve the mythfrontend shutdown command?
>    Secondly, is there a way to link a keystroke to a shutdown command?  (I
>have a remote which generates keystrokes directly rather than lirc and I
>would like to link up the power button to something useful)
>Many thanks,
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Perhaps the user issuing the shutdown command doesn't have the proper
priveledges.  Are you using the mythtv user?
What kind of remote do you have?  I'm interested in the no lirc option
you mentioned.

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