[mythtv-users] MythTV and a DirecTV HD reciever

James W. Mills jmills at awayfar.org
Wed Aug 23 01:03:26 UTC 2006


I am an HD newbie.

I am trying to put together a High definition living room setup for my
new house.  I decided for my new setup that I would try and go with MythTV.

I am a direcTV customer.  Therefore, I plan on using a DirecTV HD
receiver.  I have looked and looked in the forums, and although I have
seen posts that were "kind-of" like the questions I have, none answered
them completely.  Or maybe they did, and I was hoping for better news. :)

So, here is my question.  What do I need in order for MythTV to capture
incoming HD signal from my direcTV tuner?  I see several PCI cards like
the HD-5500 that allow OTA capture, but do not specifically say yay or
nay to DirecTV.

I would really like a simple solution that allows the DirecTV signal to
come in through the HD receiver, then through the MythTV box to the

I am really hoping that this is such a no-brainer that no one has ever
even thought to post about it...

Any help would be appreciated!


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