[mythtv-users] 2nd try install, two questions before I start

Joe Ripley vitaminjoe at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 05:00:56 UTC 2006

On 8/21/06, mstrimel at comcast.net <mstrimel at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> Just installed 0.19 using apt on SuSE 10.0, only to learn that this myth
> version is incompatible with MySQL 5.  Oops.  So I guess I need to do this
> over with 0.19-fixes.  Before I start:

Does YaST not have an RPM package for SuSE?  I thought that apt was strictly
a Debian or Debian-derived distribution tool.  If you installed myth from an
RPM, it should have cross-referenced the dependencies and told you which
version of MySQL was required.  Also, as far as I know, MySQL 5 is backwards
compatible with other MySQL versions (in terms of SQL language support,

1.  Other than uninstalling the previous version of mythtv using apt-get,
> anything else I must *undo* before I compile 0.19-fixes?

I'd do a quick search using find or locate to see if there are any myth
files hanging around.  Delete any .myth dirs in home directories.  All other
files should be removed by your package manager as they typically aren't
touched by the user.

2. Is it OK to leave the mythtv user intact before I proceed? (I"ve read
> that RPM installs hang if user mythtv already exists)

Sure, why not?  If you have a user named 'mythtv', it's just a user.  An RPM
shouldn't depend on a certain user name... and if it does, it shouldn't hang
if that user already exists.  In fact, it should use the existing UID/GID.

3. Before starting, should I delete the mythconverg database somehow?
> (database backup is not needed)  If so, how? The "drop" database command
> suggested elsewhere on this board did *not* work for me (no output, and the
> db was still there.)

If you want a clean slate, then yes... I would recommend deleting the
database.  As for the command, first log into your mysql server (using the
'mysql' command).  Make sure you login as a user that has DROP privileges
for the mysqlconverg database.  Most MySQL servers typically have a root
user... use that one.  Then, the command is simple... immediately after
logging in, do a 'DROP DATABASE mythconverg' and you're done.

4.  Is there a way to purge the listings database?  Something seems wrong
> with my listings (see below), so I'd rather start over, but
> "mythfilldatabase --update-all" (paraphrasing here) doesn't seem to really
> get rid of everything if I'm reading the output correctly.

The safest was is probably through mythtv-setup.  Run that and delete your
listing source by deleting and recreating your video sources.  This should
empty the entire program table from the database.  Alternatively, you can
try manually clearing the program table (I have no idea what this will do).
Use a SQL command like 'DELETE FROM mythconverg.program WHERE chanid>0'.

5.  My install of 0.19 had my channels off by one (I.e., the listings would
> show a program on channel 4 when it was really on channel 5, and so
> on.)  The channels were also out of order: after "10" was "101", etc. -- not
> handling the 3-digit channels properly.  I have a PVR-250 hooked into a
> DirecTV box that worked fine with mythtv .17.   I've researched this
> off-by-one problem and it looks complicated to solve, so I need a little
> guidance on the easy bits:

I don't have DirecTV, so I can't really speak to that.  As for having the
channels off by one, that happened to me once.  All I did was run
'mythtv-setup' again.  I deleted my listings using the method described
above and re-created it.  That fixed everything.

- Joe
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