[mythtv-users] 2nd try install, two questions before I start

mstrimel at comcast.net mstrimel at comcast.net
Mon Aug 21 20:46:55 UTC 2006

Just installed 0.19 using apt on SuSE 10.0, only to learn that this myth version is incompatible with MySQL 5.  Oops.  So I guess I need to do this over with 0.19-fixes.  Before I start:

1.  Other than uninstalling the previous version of mythtv using apt-get, anything else I must *undo* before I compile 0.19-fixes? 

2. Is it OK to leave the mythtv user intact before I proceed? (I"ve read that RPM installs hang if user mythtv already exists)  

3. Before starting, should I delete the mythconverg database somehow? (database backup is not needed)  If so, how? The "drop" database command suggested elsewhere on this board did *not* work for me (no output, and the db was still there.)

4.  Is there a way to purge the listings database?  Something seems wrong with my listings (see below), so I'd rather start over, but "mythfilldatabase --update-all" (paraphrasing here) doesn't seem to really get rid of everything if I'm reading the output correctly.

5.  My install of 0.19 had my channels off by one (I.e., the listings would show a program on channel 4 when it was really on channel 5, and so on.)  The channels were also out of order: after "10" was "101", etc. -- not handling the 3-digit channels properly.  I have a PVR-250 hooked into a DirecTV box that worked fine with mythtv .17.   I've researched this off-by-one problem and it looks complicated to solve, so I need a little guidance on the easy bits:

a.  Can someone using DirecTV in the U.S. kindly tell me what frequency table works for you (us-cable or us_cable_hrc)

b.  Other posts mentioned that my channel problem could be due to an incorrectly detected tuner type.  For a PVR-250, what *should* my tuner type be?  And what program is detecting it wrong (i.e., this card worked fine with a previous version of IVTV so why would it be broken now?  It's such a common card.)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can provide!

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