[mythtv-users] Can't escape from some modules

Andrew Ingram adingram at clara.co.uk
Mon Aug 21 17:19:28 UTC 2006

> >> From: "Andrew Ingram" <adingram at clara.co.uk>
> Thanks for those links Mike. I've checked them out and I'm 
> pretty sure it's nothing to do with xine (I never run it, 
> don't even think it's installed). 
> However, I'll try moving the mouse about and see what happens 
> when this happens next. I'm not hopeful though since, apart 
> from escape, I had full control of all the other keyboard 
> commands in MythWeather. I've seen this happen in MythMusic, 
> MythWeather, MythGallery and MythVideo. It's always escaping 
> out that is the only control not working :\ 

Just an update now that I'm home with my Myth box. I went into MythWeather
and couldn't escape. Tried moving the mouse - nothing. Alt-tabbed to a
konsole (I'm using KDE as a WM), and checked the position of the mouse
pointer; it was right in the centre of the screen. Alt-tabbed back, still
couldn't escape out. I then pressed the left mouse button and suddenly I
could escape out. Very odd! I will keep an eye on this and report back as to
whether this consistently fixes the issue or not.

Regarding KDE, does anyone have any suggestion on the setting I should have
for "focus stealing prevention"?


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