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Mon Aug 21 16:36:52 UTC 2006

On 8/21/06, Ivan Kabaivanov <chepati at yahoo.com> wrote:
> On Monday 21 August 2006 12:10, list at onnow.net wrote:
> > Quoting Allan Wilson <allanwilson at gmail.com>:
> > > On 8/21/06, Aaron Howard <archanoid at gmail.com> wrote:
> > >> Just looking for some verification here.  From everything I've read
> > >> (google, old mythtv threads, etc.) it appears using firewire I should
> be
> > >> able to get the digital cable and HD channels from my SA3250HD box
> > >> (non-5C channels, that is), but I still need an NTSC tuner to get the
> > >> SD/analog channels and some other way to get down-sampled 5C
> channels.
> > >>
> > >> Is that correct?  It's not a problem, but I'm in the planning phase
> for
> > >> setting up an HD MythTV rig and trying to cover my bases.
> > >>
> > >> thanks,
> > >> -Aaron
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> > > What channels you will get varies by your provider but in general you
> > > will not be able to get all your channels so most opt to go with a
> combo
> > > firewire for HD channels and something like a PVR150 for analog
> channels.
> > > It's what I am using and works pretty good.
> > >
> > > Allan
> >
> > Please elaborate on your setup. I am interested as this is what I am
> > wanting to do as well.
> > So for example, channels 2-35 in through analog cable to a PVR-150 and
> > 36-47 ( just an example) in through firewire from a set top box?  And
> > now, will Myth know that 2-35  is from one source, and 36-47 from
> > another and have no probs with that?
> >
> I'm also interested in such a setup (partial firewire, partial
> pvr-x50).  I'm
> guessing the way to tell mythtv what channel to record from what source
> would
> be to have two Datadirect profiles, with each one listing only the
> channels
> you want from the corresponding source.  For example, you can have a
> profile
> just for the channels you'll be recording over firewire, and a second one
> for... everything else.  Then in mythtv-setup you'll associate the correct
> profile with the corresponding source.
> At least that's what I'm planning on doing.
> IvanK.
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I am not sure if this is the best nor is it the only way but here is what I
did to get it working on my end. I have firewire connected to my cable
box(SA3250HD) receiving only 8 HD channels(172-179). I have a cable splitter
before the cablebox going in to one PVR250 and a PVR150. I have two listings
on Datadirect, one showing basic package(channels 1-99) and one with the
digital package(1-999). I then setup myth to pull down both listings in
mythtvsetup and I then associate video0-2 to the first listing and the
firewire to the second listing. This enables myth to go to the right device
to record shows on specific channels. Then if I went in to my guide I would
see double channel listings for everything from 1-99. So I go in to mythweb
and delete the channels on the second tuner for everything except the HD
channels that I can pull out of my cablebox. Now if I go in my guide I see
only channels 1-99 and then the 8 HD channels and I just set recordings as
normal and Myth decides which tuner to select to record the channel. I have
to admit that I have been very happy once I got the firewire working and the
system is very stable, working great until I have to reboot then I have to
do a little playing with the firewire to get it working. Hope this helps and
let me know if you need more detail on just one section.

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