[mythtv-users] Can't escape from some modules

Andrew Ingram adingram at clara.co.uk
Mon Aug 21 08:19:08 UTC 2006

I used to have a problem on my old Myth box where I couldn't escape from 
some modules (mainly mythvideo and mythweather). It wasn't a focus issue 
since other keys worked just fine in these modules. I figured it was just a 
dodgy version of qt or something on my ageing Debian Sid install (and I did 
some some dist-upgrades which may not have been a good idea!). This problem 
hit me on my old machine for almost all versions of Myth since about 0.16. 

I created a brand new Myth box a couple of months ago (again, Debian Sid, 
running Myth 0.19-fixes). I was relived to see that all my old problems had 
gone... until yesterday! I went into MythWeather, and sure enough, I was 
stuck in there. I couldn't escape out, but I could request updates to the 
weather data, and make the pages move backwards and forwards. I have no idea 
why this is happening again since I've not done any upgrades/dist-upgrades 
since installing. It's all remained pretty consistent. 

I've checked the mailing list and someone posted my exact problem in 2003, 
but received no answers. Can anyone help me out? Currently I'm having to 
kill the frontend every time I go into MythWeather in order to get out. 


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