[mythtv-users] PVR150, LIRC, & DCT Box

Jerry Liverseidge phattman99 at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 21 01:57:15 UTC 2006

Bah, nevermind now. As soon as I was done writing this, I guess I moved the 
blaster 1/64 of an inch  up and it started receiving the signal.... sorry to 

>Hello all,
>I'm running a PVR150 (not MCE) card with the ir blaster that came with it 
>control a DCT2000 series cable box from Comcast in Denver. A couple months
>ago I got the system to respond to the mythbox's commands, but have since
>rebuilt it, and haven't had any luck. I'm using the default codes generated
>for the blaster from lirc (0_0_KEY_POWER, etc.) and haven't gotten it to
>work again. It's really odd since it triggered a response when it did work
>with the 0_82 codeset previously.
>I can't get the DCT2000 remote codes to work either. I used KnoppMyth to
>install, so I didn't manually configure lirc. Is there something I need to
>change in order to get the DCT2000 remote codes to be sent through the
>blaster that came with the PVR150? The blaster is working fine, it lights 
>when I send signals and whatnot, what other tests can I run?
>When I choose the DCT2000 remote as the remote I want to use to send the
>codes (irsend SEND_ONCE DCT2000 1), it gives me the error: irsend:
>transmission failed. Why does the blaster remote work, but not the DCT2000?
>Any input would be great, I've been struggling with this for a couple days
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