[mythtv-users] Recording Reruns

William Munson wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Sun Aug 20 14:39:02 UTC 2006

Rob Dege wrote:
> Recently, my myth box has started to record shows that are marked as 
> reruns.  I was pretty sure that I had previously configured the box so 
> that it didn't record reruns, but I am unable to verify this because I 
> can't find this option in the settings anymore.
> I checked the documentation, and searched the forums, but only found 
> references to older myth releases.  Any help is appreciated.
> I'm running mythtv 0.19
Any small change in the description fields will cause the show to be 
re-recorded. Even a change from a comma to a period will trigger the 
recording. If I discover that a rerun is being recorded I will just 
cancel it otherwise it get deleted by whomever is running the remote. 
Not a big deal if you have ample recording space.

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