[mythtv-users] Master backend/storage, 1 or 2 machines?

Ryan Pisani mythtv at frouse3.homelinux.com
Thu Aug 17 21:20:36 UTC 2006

> On Wed, Aug 16, 2006 at 08:24:54PM -0400, Steven Adeff wrote:
>> I lived with 6 other people (all fraternity brothers outside of
>> our House),
>> having Myth for the whole apartment would most likely have
>> required
>> something of similar setup.
> I've found there can be quite a difference between what
> you feel you need before you work with Myth and what you
> end up needing.
> First of all, people don't appreciate at first how much
> they will drop away from surfing live TV.   I personally
> have fallen into the "very close to never" camp, so much
> so that I would not miss it much if Myth didn't even
> support live TV.   Others won't go so far but just about
> everybody drifts away from doing it much.
> For most people, your view of the urgency of watching
> a show close to airtime vanishes, with some modest exceptions
> (water cooler shows, news, sports.)
> Instead you go to watching shows you have decided to
> watch.  If you use tvwish or tivo suggestions, you get
> enough random stuff thrown in to satisfy the craving for
> something different.
> Realizing that, you learn that it's the number of frontends
> that control how many people can watch a different show at
> once, and every PC can be a frontend.  But you also learn
> that people can more readily share a frontend even with
> different tastes, because there is no rule governing when
> you watch.
> You also find out that for many shows, particularly
> non-broadcast, they are aired multiple times, letting just
> one tuner do the job.
> I suspect that once people adapt, even a large group can get
> by on far fewer tuners.   Especially when you consider that
> in a real crisis, some of the TVs are still TVs and can
> watch live.   No family should be watching this much TV (though
> I realize that's an opinion) but even a frat house seems
> unlikely to run into a situation where there are 8 different
> shows, all on at the same time, not repeated at any later
> time, that people are so keen to watch.  You think it would
> happen but it doesn't, once people get past surfing.
> (Plus, soon you will be able to legally buy downloads of
> most of these shows, and you can already find them with
> more questionable ways in most cases.)
> Now, I can still see the need for an 8 tuner box.  A
> show like the Daily Show likes to record all the major
> networks and news channels all the time to make funny
> clips.  They might need even more than 8.   An eventual
> system for an appartment building, if it became legal to
> do this, could use more than 8.  I would look into the
> USB encoders in that case.
> (USB will also let you have lots of serial controllers
> without taking slots.)
I couldn't agree more, I think 8 tuners will definitely be overkill. We
get by with 3 in the house. I have 2 on the primary (family room) machine
and 1 on the slave backend. I have them setup as tuner 0 (primary) tuner
1(slave) tuner 2(primary). This gives me the abilty to have 2 tuners in
use but on 2 separate machines, allowing me to still watch livetv in
family room with all the Myth features.

It is a rare occasion when all 3 tuners are recording something, and in
that case we tend to start watching a recording before it's finished and
FFW through comm breaks anyway.

Even with a single tuner pointed on the Sci-Fi channel 24/7. You probably
wouldn't need 8 total. You'll have way more television recorded than
you'll have time to watch. Even with 4 tuners recording hour shows up to 4
hours a day you already have 16 hours of TV to catch up on. Holy crap, I
wish i had that much time to veg.

My suggestion would be to start with a few tuners, see if it's adequate
then  build up if needed. But I do see the "My wife says it's ok now"
thing.... gotta get it while you can.


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