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> Dude said:
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> Personally I think its a horrible idea. Hard drives and cars do not mix
> well. Your WAF is going to go down significantly unless you want to
> engineer
> and install a interface that can  SAFELY be used by someone who is
> trying to
> drive and keep kids under control. If you have to look away from the
> road to
> operate it, the design is no good.
> Also you may find that your alterations  will give your insurance
> company a
> way out of paying any claims if you get into an accident. They will use
> any
> excuse to not pay a claim, just ask the Katrina survivors how they feel
> about insurance companies.
> -------------------------------------------
> I disagree bigtime.  There are kits available online for units designed
> for this task.  The drive module has shock absorbtion and all.  
> Besides, the real pros use a fast CF card for the os and apps and a
> removable HD (like a USB Maxtor/WD hard disk) on a shock suspension
> tray/rack.  They work well and am anxious to get my own.  The one I
> have been mulling over has a hidable and removable in dash touchscreen
> too ;D
> Andrew
Dude! You've got me thinking now. Via 13000 Car PC with WiFi, *8 or 12 GB
Microdrive(s), touchscreens. Heck, build a lightweight Via car pc as a
slave for the rear seat screens.
All you'd need now is one of those auto-tracking satellite domes for the
roof. Ok, maybe now I'm going too far.

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