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I'm still kicking around the idea of putting a computer in my truck
and using Myth to be the front end for it. I was originally thinking
to incorporate myth into it, but myth has almost all the features I'd
want anyways, and I like the interface so I'd rather just add GPS and
XM radio to it. Maybe ODB as well but most importantly is videos and

I've been doing alot of googling and there is the xm pcr that is
supposed to be a hot item. Is anyone using this with myth? I could
care less about recording radio at this point, I'm more interested in
wife friendly as she normally drives our family vehicle and I am
already getting an earache just thinking about replacing the radio
with a computer.

If XM isn't an option (I don't really want XM, I'm more interested in
ease of use for her) is FM available yet through a tuner card or

I'm basically thinking of something just to get some sort of radio
functionality before I begin this project.

Ripping all the CD's is an option and just using mythmusic if nothing
is available, but I'm curious if anyone is moving forward with
something like this as I did see several posts in the archives where
people are doing this or at least wanting to as well.

My idea is to have the XM PCR integrated into myth (I know they are
unavailable but they seem like the best option).
I'd run something like MS Streets and Trips through Wine since there
isn't a native Linux GPS app that's good.
The ODBII isn't interesting yet, but that could change.
Mythmusic is a priority, but it's already there.
Mythvideo is a priority, and it's there as well. I would have this
unit be it's own BE/FE for this job and I would copy ripped dvd's to
it via wifi when the truck is home. Basically Baby Einstein for the
toddler and the baby on the way.

Anyways, just wanted to kick this one up again. I'm also interested in
hardware for this, but I'd like to have a touch screen up front, and a
viewing screen in the back of each seatrest for the kiddies in the
back. I think the viewing screens for the back could / should be
svideo and xine coule play to them?





Well, I havent gotten to it yet, since my mythbox is still not finished -- not even partitioned the drive yet ;D  But I own one PCR and was using JXM (I think) to run it in X on my FC4 box a bit back.   Its essentially a Java replacement for the really crappy software tuner that ships on the cd.  I got my unit off EBay for ~$100 USD.  I think it was 80 + SH.  I forget.  I am at work and am restricted from checking my paypal logs.  Either way, it worked better once I dumped the evil XM software.   Other than that, you should have zero issue doing this.  I want to eventually do this as well in my truck, but want to get one project done first before adding more ;D  Plus I would need to get my hands on another XMPCR.


HTH, feel free to mail me directly.


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