[mythtv-users] Can't solve a problem with Skipping/Fast Forwarding

Stephen Robertson stephengrobertson at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 07:30:36 UTC 2006

>Corrupted database?  I recommend running optimize_mythdb.pl (and setting
>it to run in a daily cron job) and then running "mythcommflag --rebuild"
>on one of the affected recordings. If that clears up the skipping
>issues, repeat the mythcommflag on any other recordings as required.
>(Don't know how it will affect FFWD/REW, but if it fixes skipping, it
>needs to be done.)

Thanks very much for that.  I've tried doing this, to be honest hadn't
used either of those before.  Unfortunately doesn't seem to have
solved the problem.  I would say that the FF/REW seems to be "better"
in that I think that it is actually moving backwards and forwards
through the recording, but the video is still stuck cycling around a
few frames.  I also tried this on a recording from a commercial free
channel and it exhibits the same problem, both before and after trying
your suggestions.

>You say that you've checked NTP.

>But I had this problem when my backend and frontends had different
>timezone settings. That's the next thing I'd check.

I think I have checked NTP but to be honest I've not found out how to
conclusively check that it is working.  In my minimyth.conf file I
have the timezone set to Europe/London and on my backend if I run
tzconfig it tells me that my timezone is the same.

I have configured my DHCP server to provide the details of an NTP
server and from my reading of the minimyth documentation it should
bomb out with an error if there is a problem with it.

At a bit of a loss now!  Thanks for all your help.  Is there any more
information that might help someone help me?


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