[mythtv-users] XM Radio

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 05:15:42 UTC 2006

On 8/15/06, Mike Grusin <mgrusin at flyingcircuits.com> wrote:
> Chad spake thusly:
> > (FYI, mine will be going into a Jetta).
> You might like the phatnoise / phatbox.  It's a HD-cartridge-based MP3
> player that integrates very nicely into VW radios (it replaces the CD
> changer in the trunk).  The new ones are expensive, but last year the
> dealers blew out the old models at clearance prices ($125).  You might still
> be able to find one, or try ebay.  I have one in my Golf and the WAF is very
> high.  It's linux-based, but sadly they don't like people messing with it
> (some do of course ;).  Can't help with the satellite radio but for an MP3
> library it works great.
> Good luck! -Mike G.
> _______________________________________________

Thanks!  Actually, a good friend of mine is the manager of a large VW
dealer here.  I pre-paid for one once they dropped price, but he's not
been able to hunt one down for me through the VW official chain.  I'll
get a refund and apply the money towards my future Myth setup in the

Thanks again, I definitely would have liked to have the Phatnoise
system in the interim.


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