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Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Tue Aug 15 19:50:33 UTC 2006

On 8/15/06, Thom Paine <painethom at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm still kicking around the idea of putting a computer in my truck
> and using Myth to be the front end for it. I was originally thinking
> to incorporate myth into it, but myth has almost all the features I'd
> want anyways, and I like the interface so I'd rather just add GPS and
> XM radio to it. Maybe ODB as well but most importantly is videos and
> music.
> I've been doing alot of googling and there is the xm pcr that is
> supposed to be a hot item. Is anyone using this with myth? I could
> care less about recording radio at this point, I'm more interested in
> wife friendly as she normally drives our family vehicle and I am
> already getting an earache just thinking about replacing the radio
> with a computer.
> If XM isn't an option (I don't really want XM, I'm more interested in
> ease of use for her) is FM available yet through a tuner card or
> something?
> I'm basically thinking of something just to get some sort of radio
> functionality before I begin this project.
> Ripping all the CD's is an option and just using mythmusic if nothing
> is available, but I'm curious if anyone is moving forward with
> something like this as I did see several posts in the archives where
> people are doing this or at least wanting to as well.
> My idea is to have the XM PCR integrated into myth (I know they are
> unavailable but they seem like the best option).
> I'd run something like MS Streets and Trips through Wine since there
> isn't a native Linux GPS app that's good.
> The ODBII isn't interesting yet, but that could change.
> Mythmusic is a priority, but it's already there.
> Mythvideo is a priority, and it's there as well. I would have this
> unit be it's own BE/FE for this job and I would copy ripped dvd's to
> it via wifi when the truck is home. Basically Baby Einstein for the
> toddler and the baby on the way.
> Anyways, just wanted to kick this one up again. I'm also interested in
> hardware for this, but I'd like to have a touch screen up front, and a
> viewing screen in the back of each seatrest for the kiddies in the
> back. I think the viewing screens for the back could / should be
> svideo and xine coule play to them?
> Thanks.
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> -=/>Thom
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This guy is my inspiration.  The 2 sites he links to for the products
he uses are probably the best place to look for car related PC gear.
Here is a link to an FM tuner you can throw in a computer:

The dilemma I'm facing it that the cost of the parts are much more
expensive than I anticipated.  I'm slowly buying each piece, and
eventually will have enough parts to start the project.  (FYI, mine
will be going into a Jetta).


Prebuilt HDTV capable systems at reasonable prices:

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