[mythtv-users] Alsa SPDIF NForce4

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Mon Aug 14 02:26:00 UTC 2006

> Need a little help getting ALSA to output everything to 
> SPDIF, currently I get nothing.

Setting up spdif can be a bit frustrating. I currently am able to play all
mythtv audio out spdif as well as mplayer output but not xine for some

This is what works for me with mythtv. I have a nforce2 based motherboard.

Get the asoundrc from wilsonet. Yes I know you think its not working. Put a
copy in /home/mythtv and /home/mythtv/.mythtv. Also put one in /root for
your root user.

In mythtv audio page manually key in "ALSA:spdif" for the audio device and
disable the internal mixer. Also uncheck any of the passthru options. At
this point myth internal audio should play. I am not in front of the right
computer to give you the mplayer option to use. Something ahout "-ao hwac3,"
makes it play ac3 streams via spdif. Have not figured out how to play pcm
streams yet.

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