[mythtv-users] tv_grab_au (rex): some channels missing

Eyal Lebedinsky eyal at eyal.emu.id.au
Sun Aug 13 22:19:33 UTC 2006

Eyal Lebedinsky wrote:
> Returning from a 5w absence I upgraded to the new 'rex' grabber. I now notice
> that four channels (ABC, SBS, SBS NEWS and PRIME) do not have a category and
> no data at all after 6am on the 17th (so I only have 5 days).
> The other three channels (ABC2, TEN, WIN) look good.
> I confirmed that data for these channels is really missing from the guide
> (using --dump-cache) and verified that it is present on the web.
> I read the list archive and did not see a solution (or a similar problem).
> This is my config:
> $opt = {
>         'regionid' => 126,
>         'TZ' => 'Australia/Canberra',
>         'days' => 7
>         };
> $channels = {
>         'ABC ACT' => 'act.abc.gov.au',
>         'ABC2' => 'abc2.abc.gov.au',
>         'PRIME' => 'southern.prime.com.au',
>         'SBS EASTERN' => 'eastern.sbs.com.au',
>         'SBS NEWS' => 'news.sbs.com.au',
>         'TEN' => 'capital.southerncrossten.com.au',
>         'WIN' => 'nsw.win.com.au'
> };

OK, I figured it now after a 'debug' run. The new script is not as nice
as the original, it does not handle wrong case, e.g. 'PRIME' is bad but
'Prime' works.

I also find that the channel names do not follow the column titles
any more - this may be a change on the web or in the way the script
works. The above list worked for me with the old script but the list
below is needed now:

$channels = {
        'ABC2' => 'abc2.abc.gov.au',
        'ABC' => 'act.abc.gov.au',
        'Prime' => 'southern.prime.com.au',
        'SBS News' => 'news.sbs.com.au',
        'SBS' => 'eastern.sbs.com.au',
        'TEN' => 'capital.southerncrossten.com.au',
        'WIN' => 'nsw.win.com.au'

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