[mythtv-users] feature suggestion: pause at end of playback

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Aug 11 01:17:46 UTC 2006

On 08/10/2006 12:15 AM, Tom Lichti wrote:

>Michael T. Dean wrote:
>>On 08/09/2006 11:29 AM, Brad DerManouelian wrote:
>>>I'd rather see a request that commercial flagging be fixed to not  
>>>skip the last part of the recording. :)
>>Done.  (Kind-of.  The commercial flagging isn't fixed--because that's 
>>not the problem--but the skipping is.)
>>It's been working well in SVN trunk for a /long/ time, now.  When you 
>>try to skip a commercial break and doing so would take you to the end of 
>>the recording, you get a message saying, "At End, can not Skip."
>I'd have to disagree with you on that one, Mike. I have a few shows that 
>seem to consistently chop off the last bit (American Dad being the most 
>obvious one). I use auto-skip,
Oh, yeah.  I forgot about auto-skip.  It definitely works when you set 
it to notify.

> and I just now realized that I can't turn 
>it off. I mean, I can toggle it off, but it has no effect, it still 
>auto-skips the commercials, so there is no way for me to see the end of 
>that show (aside from watching it in Windows or on one of the Xboxes). 
>Anyone else seeing that behaviour?
When you say, "toggle it off," you mean change the commercial skip 
method to one of the other two options, right?  (It's a combobox, not a 

Automatically Skip Commercials
    - Off
    - Notify, but do not skip
    - Automatically Skip
Automatically skip commercial breaks that have been flagged during 
Automatic Commercial Flagging or by the mythcommflag program, or just 
notify that a commercial has been detected.

If so, I'm assuming you mean that turning it to "Off" doesn't changethe 
behavior.  If that's correct, what happens when you use "Notify"?


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