[mythtv-users] ASUS P4P800-SE No Sound with onboard soundcard

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Thu Aug 10 13:16:23 UTC 2006

I have that same MB.  I put in a seperate sound card due to the hasle  
I had getting it to work with the on-board one.  It does work, but I  
had to compile an alsa driver for it I think ( its been a while ) to  
get it to fire up.  An OK card ( Sound Blaster Live Value is what I  
have ) was only like 20 or 30$.


Quoting me at blaue0.net:

> Hello,
> I'm a first time Mythtv user and I have bought some hardware that is
> quite good for MythTV with SDTV. I was sucessful at configuring and
> running MythTV with all its goodies. Very good software.
> The only problem I've got right now is that I have no sound: My box
> has an integrated amplifier that I have from an old DVD player. It
> takes the sound over a cinch cable. But the problem seems to be
> elsewhere: I do not get any output on any of the three jacks of the
> onboard soundcard.
> The soundcard is run by the 'intel8x0' module and is the one that
> ships with the ICH5 southbridge on the chipset. I can turn on and off
> the channels with alsamixer but I don't manage to get any output. I
> can imagine that it has something to do with the surround settings...
> I know the mythtv list isn't supposed to discuss this things as it's
> barly a MythTV problem (I don't get any sound with mplayer too), but I
> thought that someone here on the list will have the same motherboard
> if I've got some luck ;-)
> Christian
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