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Hunchbehr hunchbehr at gmail.com
Wed Aug 9 17:26:51 UTC 2006

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On 8/9/06, Hunchbehr <hunchbehr at gmail.com> wrote:
> I do know of one other implementation doing something similar but your 
> does
> seem less complicated.  I'll give it a whirl and let you know.  Here is 
> the
> other one in case you want to see any ideas (I do like that it displays 
> some
> system info). http://www.gtbox.info/gtbox/blog/category/mythtv/

Hi Ben, thanks for trying it out.

I had seen that other site before, but it looks non-functional (though
I haven't actually tried it). It's designed for 0.18, and some of the
code entries on the page are now empty. Also, it only includes a style
sheet for Upcoming Recordings, as it pulls the data from the status
page which only includes that info. Mine, on the other hand, pulls
data straight from the backend using a method similar to the Recorded
Programs page, and so is for previously recorded programs.


Hey Cam

It does function as I do use it at home and it works with .19 since thats 
what I'm running.  I didn't realize yours did previously recorded but I'll 
still check it out.  Originally I wanted to have something that was 
accessible from outside my lan letting me know drive space/guide data and 
upcoming and it was a perfect fit.  That way if I know it should tape say 
CSI tonight but its not there I can take a look into it.  I've also set it 
up so I can get at it from my Google homepage and firefox without security 
but still having mythweb secure from outside access, but thats a bit off 
this topic.

BTW yours does work for me.


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