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> Hi,
> I was recently looking for an implementation of an RSS feed for
> MythTV's recorded programs, and couldn't find anything. I wrote a
> quick one myself, and so I thought I would post it here for others to
> use/improve. I did it quickly so I'm sure there's room for
> improvement, but it has worked perfectly for me so far.
> To get it to work, place the attached rss.php file in your top level
> mythweb folder, and make sure your web server can read it. The
> attached file works for 0.19, and I'm not sure if it works with the
> current SVN version. Then point your feed reader to
> http://your.mythtv.host/mythweb/rss.php
> I also attached the output it generates for my setup. The output
> currently includes the title and subtitle (if it exists), the
> description, and the recording date.
> I personally find this very useful in XboxMediaCenter, so that the
> scrolling bar at the bottom lists the latest recordings for all to see
> (and then watch with xbmcmythtv).
> Enjoy,
> Cam

Hey Cam,

I do know of one other implementation doing something similar but your does 
seem less complicated.  I'll give it a whirl and let you know.  Here is the 
other one in case you want to see any ideas (I do like that it displays some 
system info). http://www.gtbox.info/gtbox/blog/category/mythtv/



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