[mythtv-users] Hooking Hauppauge NOVA-T remote to NOVA-T-less front end ...

Jules Gosnell jules at coredevelopers.net
Tue Aug 8 23:22:15 UTC 2006

I bought a pair of NOVA-Ts for my back end which lives in my office and 
would like to set up a remote control for my front end which lives under 
the tv in the living room.

I have a couple of remotes and infra-red eyes sitting on my desk, that 
came with the NOVA-Ts.

Is there a reasonably painless way of reusing one of the infra-red eyes 
somehow (it has a headphone jack on it at the moment, but I might not be 
averse to some simple soldering) to allow the front end (which does not 
contain a NOVA-T) to 'see' a NOVA-T remote control ?

Are there lirc configs out there which allow you to control most of 
mythtv's fn-ality via a NOVA-T remote ?

Someone else must have had the same idea and acted on it. I'd be very 
grateful to hear from you.

thanks for your time, guys,


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