[mythtv-users] Pandora Mini - useful for FE?

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 8 14:41:35 UTC 2006


Seems interesting. S-Video, DVI, Dual core, Small, 1394, SPDIF. Comes
with windows, so needs a port.

945-VX Core Duo          1.6 GHz Core Duo, 256M, DVDRW, no HDD $ 788.00
915-VX Pentium M        1.6 Celeron M 1M, 256M, CDRW, no HDD  $ 588.00

I guess they make other PCs:
but, I've never heard of them.

brad fuller
sonaural: www.sonaural.com
personal: www.bradfuller.com

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