[mythtv-users] Posting questions in the wiki? What next?

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 04:02:36 UTC 2006

> In this specific case, I think it's an interesting question: "can a
> firewire port on a monitor be hooked up to a firewire port on a PC and
> have X.org/xfree drive it?" It appears the answer is "not yet" from
> googling... Maybe we add that question to the configuring tv output
> page as a placeholder for an answer?
> My take is that if someone is *writing* docs and has questions they
> can't immediately answer regarding those docs, then it's okay to
> insert questions similar to how I would use #FIXME in code like: what
> version did this behavior change in? Does PAL work the same as NTSC?
> Untested if this works with version X - anyone? etc.
> If a question *ADDS* to the documentation by pointing out limitations
> of features or testing, then others can fill in the details.
> -Ross
> _______________________________________________

I agree with this completely.  I believe it may be hard to determine
(from the asker's POV) if the question is a limitation or something
like that, but I'd rather be tooling the wiki and come upon a question
that doesn't fit than have it never come up.


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