[mythtv-users] My Ceiling Fan Controls My Mythtv Sound :(

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) glandix at lloydnet.org
Mon Aug 7 17:46:45 UTC 2006

Brad Fuller wrote:
> that doesn't sound like a surge, but not enough current and a voltage
> drop. When your compressor kicks in, it's demanding more and so other
> components that rely on electricity in your home are receiving less at
> that moment. A surge protector wouldn't help (except maybe when it comes
> back up it might go over the threshold.) I can only guess that whatever
> your SPDIF is connected to (one or the other side) is receiving less and
> so the amp is thinking that the SPDIF connector is not there, thus
> muting it. Then, when all is well (a second later) the amp detects the
> SPDIF connector and all is well.
> You should have your service checked, because it shouldn't do that!

yeah, his situation sounds very similar to mine ... when turning my 
livingroom lights on (they're 3 florescent lights over my front window), 
  i get half a second of silence ... my receiver even blanks the place 
where it says whether it's getting a PCM, DolbyD or DTS signal, so it 
must be thinking that the signal is gone or is switching from one to the 
other (i'd have to do more research, but i think it only happens when 
i'm listening to a DolbyD signal ... but don't quote me on that! :P)

then, sometimes it even happens when i turn the light OFF.  i'd have to 
do more testing to see if it has anything to do with how soon after i 
turned the lights ... like maybe things are overcompensating for the 
lower voltage when the light's on and when it's turned off, i get a 
surge ...

i'm currently running most everything through a UPS w/ built in surge 
protection and line conditioning ... actually, everything runs through 
it, but only the computer, receiver and sub (i think) are plugged into 
the battery backup side ... i'd have to do more testing, but i do think 
it still happens ... it doesn't anymore when the A/C kicks on, but you 
hear the UPS click over to battery backup and then back ... ugh, i can't 
wait to redo the wiring in this house!


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