[mythtv-users] Help getting SPDIF working on NForce4 under FC5

William wmunson at rochester.rr.com
Mon Aug 7 15:15:59 UTC 2006

Sorry for the top post but its the only option when the poster uses html
I am running a nforce mobo with spdif out myself. What works for me was to
get the asoundrc from the hints section of the wilsonet site. Then I
configured myth to use ALSA:spdif for the output device and then you have to
set the mixer to default. Either that or disable the mixer setup in myth
completely. Also make sure to unselect the passthru modes for the various
audio formats. At that point it should just work for you. As far as
conectivity goes, I suspect a bad mobo too. If you have a cheap nic card try
putting it in as a test.

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Hey guys

I've figured out most of the things to get my machine up and running.  The
one issue that I'm stuck on is getting the Digital out working.  I'm running
on an Asus A8N5X board which is NForce 4 based.  I've tried the instructions
in the Wiki, no luck.  I've been reading like crazy, but so far have not had
any luck figuring out what all I need to look at to determine the proper
setup for my board.  So neither the MythFrontend nor Xine can use the SPDIF.

I'm hoping that its not a hardware problem.  I am however starting to
wonder.  I've been having problems with this machine's network interface
since day one.  So far the best I can achieve is having network connectivity
for about 10 minutes and then all connectivity stops and I can't get in or
out of the box over my internal network.  I'm starting to think there is
something not quite right with this board.  

If anyone can share any info on debugging the ALSA stuff what would be


Timothy A. Bish


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