[mythtv-users] Custom record rule not matching episodes with different (matching) title

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Mon Aug 7 03:13:54 UTC 2006

Using SVN 10424, checked trac and didn't see any obvious updates to
this issue (it could be my setup though...)


I have a simple custom record rule to match episodes of Law & Order
(and its sister shows) such that the description field in the database
for the rule is "Law%Order%". I mentioned the LAO-naming issue for
other LAO fans a few weeks back where some listings would have Law _&_
Order, others Law _and_ Order - which could cause simple rules to miss
episodes. The former title is correct, the latter much more prevalent
in my uk_rt listings.

The rule was entered via MythWeb as a title search rule. This rule
matches all LAO shows on all channels as I would expect. I currently
use subtitle-matching for my dupe-detection policy (as descriptions
can vary by channel) and this works well for us.

The one issue I have noticed (and want to determine whether is due to
the scheduler) is:

I have recently recorded an episode of "Law and Order", episode
subtitle "Oxymoron" on Hallmark. Two channels are currently showing
the same season (12), one nightly (Hallmark), and one weekly (five).
The listing for this same episode on five (this coming Friday) still
shows the episode as set to record, even though it has been recorded,
and the subtitles are the same. However, one difference is the title
in the listings for this upcoming episode is "Law & Order", not "Law
and Order" that the just-recorded episode used.

The following week there is the next (and last) episode of season 12
on five, which is currently in the listings as being titled "Law and
Order". Interestingly, this is _not_ listed as an upcoming-recording,
which reinforces my belief about the different titles interfering with
the rule matching.

All occurences of the "Oxymoron" episode are listed in the 'program'
table and as I would expect, the different versions of the LAO title
are considered as two different series. On Hallmark, each episode is
repeated later at night, such that the first episode is labelled
'first' in the DB, the later showing 'last'. The future showing on
five is listed as 'first' and 'last' as it is not considered a repeat
of the Hallmark episode, due to the different seriesid.

Does this behaviour suggest an issue with my rule, or the scheduler
itself not taking into accout the different title. It's almost as if
the custom rule succeeds in selecting all episodes of LAO, but then
does not match all of those episodes already recorded.

Any help/suggestions would be warmly appreciated. I'll post a ticket
if this does turn out to be a feature of the scheduler, or if I don't
get a reply.


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