[mythtv-users] anyone using software RAID 5 for 1 terabyte +

Will Constable willconstable at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 15:47:58 UTC 2006

I use a PNY raid3 card with five 320GB sata drives.  This setup gives 1.2 TB
or so of space, performance seems fine although I have no actual data on it.
The card was $130 and is a mediocre card which I was forced to buy because
it was the only choice at the time of purchase for a many-drive raid setup
on a standard PCI motherboard.  If you have a board that supports PCI-X or
PCIe, you have a whole world of options for better cards.  I would advise
using a card, even a cheap one like mine, just because it puts all the load
of parity calculation on a hardware chip and allows you to think of the
device within linux simply as an ide hard drive with no special driver or

The one downside I have with my setup is that my card does not allow any
linux monitoring of its health, so only on reboot can I see a post message
"all is well" or "drive needs replacement".... this is a sort of major flaw
in a way.


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I need to build some serious space in a FC5 box.
I am thinking 4 or 5 250 Gig drives in RAID5 using mdadm ( software RAID )

Anyone using this or a similar config?  How is the performance?

The only bad thing about the raid 5 is that it cant be added to.  Not sure
how to address that one.

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