[mythtv-users] Gigabit switch

Michael MacLeod mikemacleod at gmail.com
Fri Aug 4 13:48:39 UTC 2006

I just saw this discussion, and are gigabit switches really this unreliable?
Is it just that the technology hasn't matured, or what? And are we
discussing consumer level stuff that I'd find in future shop, or more
industrial units?

On 8/3/06, Mark (home) <fairlane at springcom.com> wrote:
> Uh, I don't know that SMC really is the level of quality I'm looking for.
> I tend to like stuff like Enterasys, Cisco, 3Com, etc.  I got really sick
> of
> phone calls from the wife while I was at work bi*ching about the internet
> and email not working because the switches needed rebooting.  I've got it
> down to about every couple of months now with the new 3Com switches, but
> it could still stand to be improved.
> I've got better things to do than chase phantom problems for free.  (I
> don't
> get paid to troubleshoot my own stuff)
> On Thursday 03 August 2006 08:25 am, Yeechang Lee wrote:
> > Mark (home) <fairlane at springcom.com> says:
> > > Heh...  [E]ver price an enterpri[s]e[-]level gigabit switch....  ?
> >
> > SMC 8508T switch. Gigabit, supports jumbo frames, great reviews. Under
> > $100 from Amazon with free shipping and no sales tax for most
> > Americans, and even cheaper elsewhere. If the combination of the
> > 8508T's eight ports and the non-gigabit ports you currently have on
> > your router aren't enough for your home network, you've got bigger
> > issues than the lack of a gigabit switch!
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