[mythtv-users] Priority on Myth

White Joe joe.white at consultant.volvo.com
Thu Aug 3 12:23:31 UTC 2006

> By replying to a message in the thread "Storage on SAN", you 
> caused your 
> e-mail client to embed headers that resulted in your message getting 
> buried in a thread I wasn't reading, so you almost didn't get this 
> reply.  In the future, for best results, I highly recommend 
> you create a 
> brand new e-mail message and then copy/paste the mythtv-users e-mail 
> address into the To: field.  Or, most mail clients have a 
> "Compose new 
> e-mail to" entry in the shortcut menu available from 
> right-clicking an 
> e-mail address.  Using that will also create an e-mail free of those 
> headers.


> Anyway, back to your question.  In SVN trunk (and soon to be in 0.20):
> Auto Expire Method
>     - Oldest Show First
>     - Lowest Priority First
>     - Weighted Time/Priority Combination
> Method used to determine which recorded shows to delete 
> first.  LiveTV 
> recordings will always expire before normal recordings."
> and
> Auto Expire Priority Weight
> The number of days bonus a program gets for each priority 
> point. This is 
> only used when the Weighted Time/Priority Auto Expire Method 
> is selected.
> Mike
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And thanks

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