[mythtv-users] Storage on SAN

Damien Whyte damien.whyte at thalesatm.com
Thu Aug 3 04:00:16 UTC 2006

Daniel Agar wrote:

>How did you setup a diskless backend and frontend? My server runs sarge
>but I'd like to be able to netboot my fedora mythtv box (frontend and
>backend) and store recordings over nfs directly to the server.
I'm not sure if I understand all the points of your question. I'm not 
sure what sarge is - so I apologize if I'm missing the point here.

In my case I have a fileserver that is running my master backend (it has 
one capture card). It is also exporting via NFS my video storage 
directory and the root files system of a diskless client (which has 
another capture card). This diskless client boots of a flash drive (I 
couldn't get netboot working with my motherboard's NIC) and mounts its 
root filesystem of the file server. From there it's configured as a 
normal MythTV frontend/slave backend. It uses the same video storage 
directory as the backend.

If you already have a mythbox (presumably with some local disk storage) 
you don't need to netboot to store recordings on a backend. You can just 
set up a directory on your backend to be exported via NFS (or another 
network fs) and mount that share on your frontend.


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