[mythtv-users] HDHomeRun

Brad Templeton brad+myth at templetons.com
Thu Aug 3 02:53:35 UTC 2006

On Wed, Aug 02, 2006 at 09:36:30PM -0400, Mark (home) wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 August 2006 03:18 am, Brad Templeton wrote:
> > > For recording from a cable or sat box it would be better to use the HD
> > > outputs rather than NTSC. With hardware encoding to MPEG4 I could see it
> > > being useful.
> >
> > Useful, but not possible with consumer grade hardware costing less than
> > thousands of dollars.
> Yeah, what HD recording capability is he talking about???  There's nothing out 
> there I've ever found for HD recording off Satellite short of megabux.

Actually about $2,000 last I checked but I have heard from several people
thinking about taking advantage of Moore's law to bring us consumer cost

What stands in the way, however, is a difficult proposition as an investor.

a) Yes, many people want to be able to record HDTV to their Windows MCE, Myth
   or other boxes.

b) However, for many of them, DRM based solutions will partly solve their problem,
    and do it better than frame capture can.   MCE is in theory supposed to
    get cablecard certification.  Cable and Satellite DVRs get it directly.

    So those people drop out of the market.

c)  The DRM community is making a big push to eliminate DVI outputs from
    cable/satellite boxes, forcing you to go to analog -- which is harder and
    can be lossy.  DVI will be replaced with HDMI.   They know a DVI recorder
    is on the threshold of getting cheap.

d)  The DRM community also has a long term plan to get rid of analog HD outputs,
    forcing boxes to down-res the analog.    

So if you are investing, you must first consider that the "stand alone PVR"
market, while not nothing, has remained modest.   However, the hardware encoder
chips able to do HD will remain in high demand for the camcorder market, so
they will be available.  Those all go directly from sensor, so A2D is not needed.

Secondly you are in a race as they work to obsolete your capture card real soon
if you want it to capture DVI, and further on if it has the A2D able to record
component out.

So, are you going to invest in a company to make such capture cards?
I hope somebody does, but they will sell much smaller numbers than they would
in an open world.

(Well, not quite, because in an really open world there would be no need for capture
cards, so they would sell none!)

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