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Wed Aug 2 03:35:33 UTC 2006


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> > Nick,
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> > One of your replies sounded like you already had one.  Are 
> you associated
> > with the guys making this?  Is there a way to get tech 
> documentation?
> >   
> Hi Stan,
> Yes - I am the lead engineer and have been running one of the 
> prototype 
> boards at home for a few months now.
> The website has the summary of technical specs. If there is anything 
> missing that would be of interest please let me know.
> If you are interested in the protocols there is also an open source 
> library (LGPL) for communicating with the HDHomeRun.
> The library is part of MythTV trunk (mythtv/libs/libmythtv/hdhomerun/)
> > Do myth users get priority ordering :-?
> >   
> We have chosen to launch with MythTV as the main/reference platform - 
> MythTV is a great project has full HDHomeRun support.
> Hopefully we will help add more MythTV users :-)
> Nick
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I got the library from myth cvs, but I didn't see any docs.  Are there any
docs that go with the library?

Are there any specs about the type of data HDHomeRun is streaming?  RTP?

Are there any docs about protocols to control HDHomeRun over TCP?

I went to the web site, but I didn't see any detailed stuff.  Am I missing a


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