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Hi all,

I'm sorry to say that I agree with Felix on that one...
We should give the user the oppertunity to choose whether he wants to view
buffered TV (with all its advantages) or or plain TV (bit streamdump from
the HW) - it can even be under a compilation flag...
What we shouldn't do is  to decide for the user how he or she are going to
watch TV.

Isn't that what LINUX is all about - freedome of choice..?

BTW: in the windows SW I got with my Hauppauge 150 I am able to view TV and
record quite smoothly.... (I can't explain it...).


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On 4/14/06, Felix Rubinstein <felixru at gmail.com> wrote:


> I don't compain, it's just the first time I encounter a limitation in

For those who are keeping score at home: Windows - 1.2 million+, Linux - 1

> Once again, I don't want just to watch TV but instead to watch TV under

> MythTV, what if I watch TV and switch my receiver to another channel,

> instead of seeing the new channel right away, I wait for 4 secs new

> to appear.

> People don't you ever thought that it's merely a showstopper? My point was

> that it's the first time I was shamed Windows outperformed Linux and why,

> because no one ever took some time to think about more optimal algorithm.

If you have a way to record 4 real time seconds of video in 2 seconds

time, then please share. The lag you experience is due to the buffer

setup. Granted, this lag time maybe could be reduced. I don't know,

I've never looked at that part of the code.

> The most important feature doesn't work correctly, don't you think so,

> you use S-Video or don't you switch channels? Or I should waste time to

> correct the code?

That's your honest opinion. IMHO, I want to sit down and watch only

what I want to watch. I do this by recording lots of programs ahead of

time. If I wanted to channel surf, I'll use my TV, it's tuner is

better suited for that.

> MythTV doesn't know the channel was switched, for it it's just a stream of

> bits, all I want is just:

> mplayer /dev/video0

> and that this stream to be buffered for me to go forth and back.


> How can I use MythTV if I need to wait 4 secs every time I switch to the

> channel???

Um, don't channel surf and watch prerecorded shows? Or deal with the

lag. Your call. Personally, I'm happy.

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