[mythtv-users] I feel so violated (by Apple)

Richard Bronosky mythtv at bronosky.com
Thu Apr 13 23:04:19 UTC 2006

Martin, John,
I have and use both VLC and MPlayer for viewing.  My whole goal was to
use iDVD to burn a few show to disk.  For that, I must make Quicktime
understand MPEG2

Ivan, would you mind helping my get KnoppMyth R5B7 to burn DVDs (or at
least generate an iso)  I can't get it to do anything DVD related with
any files other than VOBs that I have already ripped.

All, so how can iDVD burn encode and burn DVDs and the DVD player play
DVDs without an MPEG2 license?  How does VLC, Xine, and MPlayer work
without a license?

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