[mythtv-users] Remember Aspect Ratio?

Jason Sharpe mythtv.list at gmail.com
Wed Apr 12 18:53:36 UTC 2006

Hey All!

Quick question.

Is there a way to have mythtv remember what aspect to show a program in
after you have started it?


I have 2 TVs both are 16:9. I have the setting of the frontend to play back
content in 16:9 so if I record something from DishNetwork on my PVR-250 it
stretches the picture properly to fill the 16:9 TV. If I record The Simpsons
via an OTA antenna on my HD-3000 it records the 4:3 show in a 16:9 format,
which I would expect it to do.

The problem is on playback of 4:3 content recorded OTA on the HD-3000. If I
start to watch the Simpsons I hit W 3 times to take the screen to 16:9
Stretch so it fills my 16:9 screen. Then I exit out of The Simpsons to watch
something else or turn the front end off, the next time I go back to The
Simpsons I have to hit W 3 times again to take it back to 16:9 Stretch.

Is there a way for Myth to remember the aspect ratio that was being used for
that show when it exited? Very similar to the option of setting a bookmark
when you exit (which I currently do as well.)

I guess I am spoiled as the XBMC does this and it is great.

I looked to see if you could bind individual aspect ratios to a key instead
of pressing W multiple times to use as a workaround, but I didn't see

Is there something I am missing or does this functionality just not exist?


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