[mythtv-users] MythTv component out HOWTO

Jeff Wormsley daworm at comcast.net
Tue Apr 11 13:13:16 UTC 2006

Steven Adeff wrote:

> Strange, it should be the same. My TV its the same whether I use my
> DCT6200 straight, the internal tuner, or my FX5200.
> Are you using the NVidia component output or DVI?

Component out, as my TV is an older Samsung that only has component 
input (no DVI or VGA).  I have to manually move the cables to do this, 
as on the two component inputs one is 1080i only, the other is 480i/480p 
only.  Eventually I want to sell this TV and get the 61" with 1080p 
inputs, but for now I'm stuck with this one.  I do have a transcoder and 
a 5200 card I can go back to.  I couldn't get it to work well before, 
which is why I got the 6200, thinking it would "just work" like most 
people's SVIDEO/COMPOSITE solutions.  Perhaps now my skills have 
improved enough to make the transcoder work this time.


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