[mythtv-users] backend performance question

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Sat Apr 8 21:24:14 UTC 2006

Azmat wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm getting ready to attempt my first foray into setting up a
> decoupled backend system, but I wanted some advice on what kind of
> hardware to use to ensure the most reliable performance.
> Here's the HW configuration I'm aiming for:
> Case: Dell Poweredge Server 1300
> MB: Dual processor Slot 1, currently has a single Pentium II in it,
> but I will be installing dual Pentinum III's
> CPUs: Dual Pentium III  600-800 MHz
> RAM: 512MB (4x128MB) PC100 DIMMs
> Hard Drives: 200 GB, 300 GB IDE ATA/100 LVM grouped
> Optical Drive: Generic CD-ROM
> Video Card: Onboard video (headless system)
> Sound Card: None
> NIC: 10/100
> Video Capture Devices:
>      Hauppauge WinTV PVR-350
>      ATI TV Wonder Pro
>      Firewire capture from Motorola DCT-6200
> Assuming simultaneous capture on all 3 devices (not likely, but would
> still like to plan for it), as well as commercial flagging, nuvexport
> post-processing, and also simultaneously streaming to a front-end;
> does it seem likely that this system would be able to keep up?
The system sounds fine, but are you opting for the PVR-350 for a 
reason?  You mention streaming to a frontend.  You only need a 350 if 
you're going to use this backend also as a frontend.  If this is 
supposed to just be a headless backend, I'd suggest a PVR-150 which is 
like 1/5 the cost.  And I'm not sure at all if the ATI TV Wonder Pro is 
supported as a capture device, you might want to check on that.


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