[mythtv-users] mythburn not using my cutlist properly

Daniel A Segel mythtv at archer-segel.com
Sat Apr 8 16:46:16 UTC 2006

Robin Gilks wrote:
>> I've got mythburn working for the most part, but it totally messes up
>> when I've marked up a show with a valid cutlist. Stepping through the
>> scripts, it looks like it's trying to pull the cutlist from
>> recorded.cutlist, but for the show in question there's only a single
>> value in there ("1"). I'm using the SVN version of mythtv (rev 9572). Is
>> this the result of a change in the database, or am I misunderstanding
>> how this should work?
>> Daniel
> My understanding is that cutlists have moved from the recorded to
> recordedmarkup table and are stored in a similar way to bookmarks.
> This diff extracts them OK but in the wrong format (one point per line
> instead of start/end per line) so it still doesn't work for me yet.
> Hopefully it will put someone on the right lines...
I got it working correctly with your patch to change the table it pulls 
the cutlist from and a few additional changes to the getmyth.sh script:

First, near the top of the script I added a routine to convert the data 
from the format it pulls out of recordedmarkup table to the one that is 

function convert_cutlist {
while read line1
    read line2
    echo "${line1}-${line2}"
done < ${tempdir}/cutlist.txt > ${tempdir}/cutlist.tmp
mv ${tempdir}/cutlist.tmp ${tempdir}/cutlist.txt

Then I added a single line to call the convert_cutlist function right 
after the line that creates the cutlist.txt file (line 83 in the 
original I believe).

It now looks like this:

mysql -h "$mysqlhost" -u "$mysqluser" $pwd "$mysqldatabase" -s -B --exec 
"select IFNULL(recordedmarkup.mark,'') $sqlstatement2" > 

The result is that the cutlist.txt file is in the correct format.

Thanks for the help,


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