[mythtv-users] Some Info on the Video Without Boundaries Boxes

Mike Angstadt daenris at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 18:04:26 UTC 2006

> The Processor is a C3A (Nehemiah) 1Ghz.  The Sigma 8475 may or may not
> actually be used.  There are no drivers for it in the 2.6 kernel
> series.  When the original board was spec'd out there was a question as
> to whether the VIA processor would be able to handle the MPEG4 content
> so it was added.  Since everything is MPEG2 on this machine there is no
> reason to assume that the 8475 is even needed.  In the last version of
> the software that we did for the 4000 which was written with porting to
> the 5000 in mind we did not use it at all.
> I do not know what video capture card was finally decided upon, but
> originally the spec for the 5000 was a Hauppauge 150.  If that is the
> case, it explains the coax, although it would be an input, not an
> output.  Take a look at
> http://www.vwbinc.com/pdf/MR4000%20Brochure%205-10%20web.pdf for the
> specs of the 4000.  The bottom-right picture shows the i/o ports on the
> 4000, which are likely to be the same on the 5000.  From left to right
> in rows
> 1) composite video and stereo audio in ***Not hooked up to MPEG capture
> hardware
> 2) Composite video and stereo audio out.
> 3) Y/Pb/Pr component out fed from a VT1623 which means 480p max
> 4) 6-channel analog audio out - This was having problems but looked to
> possibly be solved on the last version of the board I have.
> 5) Digital audio out, both fiber and coax.
> Additionally there are USB and Firewire connectors on the back and on
> the front.  S-Video in and out on the back, Composite and stereo input
> on the front (again not hooked up to MPEG compression hardware). PCMCIA
> and ISO card slots on the front.  The 5000 was supposed to add a larger
> HD, DVD/RW and PVR onto basically the same motherboard.
> As for HD playback, it has the ability to do so from an MPEG2 source,
> although scaled down to 480p.  I have done that myself through xine.
Looking at the spec sheet of the 5000, I'd say it's a good bet it's a
PVR-500.  Looking at the right side of the back image, there are 2 coax, an
svideo, and composite connections in exactly the configuration as a PVR500.


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