[mythtv-users] TapeWorm Beta 4 - new features, and now, fewer bugs!

David Schmidt david.schmidt.in.dallas at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 12:52:16 UTC 2006

On 4/6/06, Maverick <mavantix at gmail.com> wrote:
> [W]hat I
> don't understand is when someone does go and create something to share
> with the myth community, they're ridiculed and picked apart

Well, I've been following the list since [checks his oldest gmail
post] 3/28/05--over a year---and I've not seen what you've seen.  If
they want to be part of the main Myth CVS/now SVN, then, of course,
they need to comply with the guidelines (coding standards, limiting
dependencies, no peer to peer, et al) of that repository.  If they
want to communicate on this list, they need to abide by the rules of
the list and the rules of the list are made by the admin which is,
guess who?  Isaac.

> (even
> worse by Issac, who obviously OWNS Mythtv and the list! [Yeah, that's
> right, OWNS -- bet the other devs like that type of speak]).

Now that's just silly.  Mythtv is GPL.  Isaac does not own Mythtv and
I think (even) you know that.  Isaac DOES own the main SVN repository
and these lists because he did the legwork to set them up and pays to
keep them going.  Frankly, I'd have a chip on my shoulder, as Isaac
often seems to, if I was paying out monthly storage/hosting/bandwidth
for the SVN server, main website and these lists then someone like you
and a few other arrogant yahoos started telling me I had no right to
control them.

You don't like how these lists run, start your own.  You don't like
how Myth is being extended/developed/enhanced, fork the source and try
to do it yourself with whatever recruits you can muster.  No one can
keep you from the source.

Heck I'd bet it would even be tolerated if you made **ONE**
announcement about it here!

> I knew that even if Issac goes
> off his rocker, Myth will turn into someone elses baby and I'm not
> left with an obsolete and unsupported product.

So you *do* get it!!  Then why are you complaining?

Since you have a gmail address, I don't know your locale, but here in
Texas/USA, we have a only partially humorous "golden rule:"  "He who
has the gold makes the rules."  MythTV is GPL and therefore (with
restrictions) semi-public property.  The MythTV SVN repositories and
these lists are not.

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