[mythtv-users] TapeWorm - a Mea Culpa.

Maverick mavantix at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 04:08:31 UTC 2006


> Sure, it's valuable to those running windows.  I certainly won't disagree with
> that.  And because it _is_ valuable to those users, I'm fine with the
> occasional release announcement.  Just not 50+ support messages.

Would you be apposed to creating a "third party utils/plugins" type
list to talk about "unofficial" myth related software? I know multiple
lists fragments the community a bit, but it seems it's better to at
least archive all this stuff in the same place (gossamer) for point of

> Just to make it a little clearer, I'd have much less of a problem if the
> donation were just a suggestion rather than "required".  I'd even support it
> (ie, link from mythtv.org) if it were open source.  Querying the db and
> displaying a list takes what, a couple hundred lines of python max?  However
> you license your work is, of course, completely up to you.  It'd just fit in
> better here if it were open source. =)

These types of recommendations should be under some sort of
"guidelines for developing myth-related-ware", and maybe they are.
Might help to better understand your
point of view toward non-open source and apparent hatred of Windows software.


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