[mythtv-users] Audio not working with regular TV-Card

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 19:59:20 UTC 2006

On 03/04/06, Mlists <mlists at dressler.ca> wrote:
> I have a Wintv-to-go card that I had working with Myth serveral months
> ago but stopped using Myth until it stabilized.  It seems to have
> stabalized quite a bit and I'm quite happy with how it works on DVB.
> I have two back-ends, the master back-end has the DVB card.  The second
> backend has the wintv-to-go card and runs the frontend.  I've got all
> the channels scanned, DataDirect setup properly for cable, but when I
> select a cable channel it doesn't give me any sound.
> I can manually get sound by going into alsamixer and turning up line-in
> but then it doesn't turn if off again when I switch to satellite.
> In the v4l card settings, I have set the sound card to /dev/dsp, I have
> tried both settings of Myth controlling or not controlling the sound.
> I'm not certain of the other sound settings though -- can anyone give me
> some insight to this?

Check out the bttv section (esp. the last paragraph) of the Fedora
HOWTO and see if that fixes it:


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